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 Mages Information and Battle Guide

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PostSubject: Mages Information and Battle Guide   Thu Dec 25, 2008 3:54 pm

Here is a short battle guide for mages for the use of player versus player (pvp), and dueling. I will demonstrate a few advanced techniques and show you how to 'survive' better in the PK environment.

I will not be explaining all spells etc as most of that is straight forward, or if your really stuck with them, check the main website or my other spell guide. Now, onto the good stuff.

First off, what kind of mage are you, do you play this game to help others and need to know how to defend yourself if the need arises, or do you like roaming the docks so to speak in search of other players to kill.

Much of this guide will depend on the eudemons you use also,there are a lot of different combinations. First you decide if you will like 3 summoned mage pets, or maybe you like to use 1 converged warrior pet and 2 summoned, or even the 2 converged and 1 summoned.

First off, mages have a excellent passive skill called Damage Shared. This means that if you or your eudemons are hit, they are shared across SUMMONED eudemons. Eg if a warrior chain chops me and I have 3 summoned
mage pets, my health will only go down a little bit, but so will all summoned
pets. If one of the pets is a target, the damage is shared between all summoned
mage pets. Makes for interesting combinations.

1 summoned and 2 converged -

Pros -

1. Depending on the converged pets, you will have loads of defence, and will usually survive more than usual.

2. If you use a saint dragon and a PdefMdef eudemon, they will add magical attack making your own spells much stronger, over double the amount in most cases, and with 2 of these converged, extreme damage output.

3. If you get ChainChopped by a warrior around similar potency, you may use your 1 summoned eudemon rain thunder on your attacker. You may not do a lot of damage only 1 attacking pet, but you will last a lot longer. If attacked by a higher potency player, you can teleport out before he kills you, losing maybe 1 or both pets.

4. Against other mages, to kill you they must first get through your converged eudemons and this takes time depending on the combination of pets. Even if they take out your summoned eudemon, you will have the power of 2 converged eudemons for defence and if you used eudemons that add magical attack, your atatck is still quite high.

Cons -

1. Mages have what is called damage halved, so having one summoned eudemon you are not taking advantage of this and if the summoned pet
is a target, it will die extremely quickly hence taking out your attack. If the
attacked is a mage, you may of course continue to fight back, but if it is a
warrior and he chainchops you, you are temporarily stunned with no way of
attacking if your attack pet is taken out.

2. Saint dragons and PdefMdefs are hard eudemons to raise,and expensive. Saint dragons may only be senior composed to raise the quality of stars, and a PdefMdef levels quite slowly. If the level of your PdefMdef is high level, once you reborn it, it will usually take 2 full exp balls to get back to original level.

3. If you use invisibility spell, when using converged eudemons, both warriors and mages can get through that and still cause you damage due to fireblast and windbeads spell, takes timing but can be done.

4. You are sacrificing great extra attack from more summoned eudemons for defence, but not really a con, just a preference to suit your style.

Final Comment -

This build is perfect for defence, while still dealing enough damage, but more used for situations where you don't like to kill other
people and more for defending yourself.

2 summoned and 1converged -

Pros -

1. You are more balanced, you use 1 converged eudemon (preferably a saint dragon or a PdefMdef for defence and extra magical attack) and 2 summoned eudemons for excellent offence.

2. You are taking advantage of damage shared, with the added defence of a converged pet.

3. If a higher potency warrior chain chops you, you can usually random out before you die due to damage shared and your converged pet. Your converged pet may not survive however depending on the power of your attacker.

4. If a same potency warrior chainchops you, you will have the defence to survive the battle, but more importantly you have 2 summoned eudemons that can both cast spells onto your attacker, if he is around the same potency, and depending on his and your combination of pets, you can do some serious damage before he even finishes his long chainchop skill.

5. You can cast invisibility on yourself and have only your summoned eudemons attack to draw attention from yourself. You may still be hurt due because you have 1 converged eudemon, but with 2 summoned eudemons both casting continuously on your attacker, his priority is to take out the summoned pets, or random away before he loses.

6. If you get in the first few hits, you have 2 summoned pets to continuously cast thunder and lightning, and by the time the attacker gets to you, hopefully you may have killed off a eudemon or 2, if not you will have enough defence to last the rest of the battle depending on the situation. 2 summoned pets attacking means you can chase down your enemies pretty much also.

Cons -

1. No cons with this setup as it is a very balanced character and a popular choice. I myself prefer the next setup but it is entirely personal preference.

Final comment -

One of the most popular builds in this game as you have lots of defence, attack power from 2 summoned eudemons and added attack from certain
converged eudemons. You can use this for either situation, for defence or
offence as depending on your combo, works extremely well in all situations.

3 summons -

Pros -

1. Extreme magical attack power, you can cast thunder, so will all 3 summoned eudemons, giving the best possible damage there is.

2. You can chase down enemies if you need to if you have your eudemons only casting spells, so maximum damage on the run.

3. You may think no defence with this build, but you are maximising damage shared, so if you or eudemons are attacked, you have 3 eudemons to share that damage with. If a warrior Chainchops you who has similar potency, you actually have a lot of defence depending on the combinations of
your eudemons and can usually survive a couple of chainchops.

4. Need some defence against slightly higher potency enemy,you can always cast invisibility on yourself, and have your 3 eudemons cast thunder, lightning, and windbeads at the same time. Since you are invisible with no converged pets, you are fully protected and cannot be hurt. Your enemy may still be able to take down 1 pot if there is significant difference between potency, you will find this out as you start attacking, if you are doing low damage, random out before more damage is done between your eudemons.

5. Huge advantage is if a warrior chainchops you, you cannot attack with your spells so have each eudemon cast a different spell to take
down your attacker. I actually prefer a warrior chainchopping me and not my
eudemons as more damage is shared, last longer, and if the warrior is the same
potency, he will usually be dead or close to it by the time he finishes his
chainchopping skill.

Cons -

1. If a substantially higher potency character attacks you, especially a warrior with chaincop, you will die much quicker as even damage shared won't protect you. I
have had high warriors in the tournament kill me in 1 chainchop if they target
me, of course there is no time to random out. If they target a eudemon, most
eudemons will have less than half hp due to damage shared and may possibly give
you enough time to random out.

2. When chasing down enemies, sometimes your eudemons have to catch up to you, which makes casting slightly slower in some cases.

3. Seeing as you do not use summoned eudemons, it is anexcellent idea to have the best equipment possible for more defence.

Final comment -

Mainly used for attacking situations, however due to damage shared and right combination of eudemons, you can still have the defence to last battles in same potency battle situations, however against much higher opponents, you have to be quick to random out or you will usually die instantly.

These are the 3 different type of mage builds so to speak,what you choose to do is entirely up to you. Personally I prefer the 3 summoned eudemons for maximum damage, and still high defence due to damae shared, but it is totally up to you and of course your choice of eudemons. Enough with the different builds, let's now look at how to set up your quickbar.

As you can see you have a few numerous slots to quick ready your spells. You can of course have more than 1 quickbar if the need arises. I prefer to use 2 quickbars myself based on different situations, so you have to be quick to switch between the 2 if the need arises. There are numerous ways to set up your quickbar, lets look at the most popular proved methods. Remember to modify it slightly due to your style of mage and eudemon combo. For this guide remember I use 3 summoned eudemons so will be basing most of it on that, however if you do not use 3 summons, of course you can change it to suit your style.

F1 - Your character thunder spell. If you cast this, so will your eudemons that know the spell also, maximum damage output especially great for attacking first or see your enemy bearing down on you, get a few thunder shots in.

F2 - You main pet lightning spell goes here. The reason being is after you thundered the enemy a few times, if a warrior chainchops you, you are temporarily paralysed and cannot cast your spells, however your pets can.

F3 - One of your other eudemon windbeads spell goes here. As you run, you can kill monsters with ease, but also same as above, if you are getting attacked, you can then have 2 eudemons still casting while you are temporarily paralysed. You can of course keep this to your windbeads, as your windbeads combo ed with the windbeads of 2-3 summoned eudemons is kind of devastating close range.

F4 - Invisibility is a great spell to use. You can quickly cast on yourself, then have your eudemons attack only, this is a common technique. Another great 1 is if a warrior comes to chainchop you, and you either don't use summoned eudemons or they have been killed off, quickly use invisibility just before he activates skill, then quickly give them a thunder hit then go invisible again. This is quite effective in the right circumstances.

F5 - Sneak isn't used much but nice to use in case you have to maze through monsters and you don't want your eudemons to be attacked by monsters. Simple fact is if you are chasing someone down, if your eudemons are
stuck behind still attacking the monsters, can be a slight delay before they
start attacking which leaves you at a slight dis-advantage.

Right Click - Tornado is primarily used for levelling and filling exp balls so set to right mouse click for quicker access. You will get more experience with this spell than any other.

With this set up, your primary goal is to thunder the enemy before they get to you, then use 2 eudemons to continue attacking if you get chainchopped by a warrior. If against a mage, you can continue thundering, and of course feel free to add some lightning in with F2 for faster damage. If against a mage, do not go for the mage, instead go for his eudemons. Remember damage shared, so if you can take out the highest defensive mage, any attack mage pets eg Mage M-Atk or the popular Mage Tinna will fall quite quickly, they cannot survive by themselves however go for 1 of them first, you have to get past that defence then go for the defence eudemon so your doubling up.

Against warriors feel free to use the invisibility technique if you need to, but you actually have more success if the warrior attacks you and not a eudemon as more damage is shared, eg health is taken off of you aswell as all summoned eudemons, perfect if you use 3 summons. If he attacks a eudemon, defence shared is only among the 3 eudemons, so preferable if he attacks you, then get all eudemons to attack as once he chainchops, he cannot stop this attack. If he knows hes outclassed, he cannot random halfway through his move so try to kill him before he finishes, if your outclassed, try to keep randoming out, you will have a split second at timed intervals to get out.

You can of course cast invisibility on yourself and get eudemons only to attack if need to. When you re-appear simple cast invisibility again.

If the warrior uses a mage eudemon, target that with thunderand lightning straight away as it will drop extremely quick, and soon as that happens so will his potency drop. He does not have damage shared. A skilled warrior will only pull out a mage eudemon once he starts chain chopping for backup, or when they are chasing you down, however still a lot of warriors walk around with 1 summoned making it a easy target, presuming on potency differences of course.

A good technique against mages is just to rush straight in if you can thundering and lightning his pets, then soon as your close, cast your windbeads spell, it is devastating if you and all your pets cast it at once, and best thing is it hits your opponent and all his eudemons at the same time. Basically working damage shared against itself.

Another way to set up your quickbar is to have it eudemon only spells, thunder, lightning, and windbeads if you use 3 summons. If you go against another mage you can switch back to quickbar 1 so you can cast spells yourself or have this all on quickbar 2 so you can cast on the run, but most importantly, while your paralysed from chainchop etc.

Before the guide is ended, here is how to put eudemon spells onto your quickbar. If you open up your spells, and drag onto the quickbar, this will mean when pressed you will cast the spell yourself, along with any summoned eudemon that knows the same spell. You will first need to go to the grocery and buy thunder, windbeads, and lightning spell for your eudemon, and teach it to them first. Buy the corresponding spell for your eudemon, summon the eudemon, right click on the spell in your inventory, then left click on the eudemon you wish to teach the spell to. The game may respond back saying this eudemon cannot learn this spell, but this is just a bug. If you open up your eudemon inventory, click on the eudemon and then skills, check there to see if the spell is learnt.

Once the spell is learnt, you may drag it from this screen straight onto the quickbar. Bear in mind you may only have 1 type of spell on this quickbar. Example is if you want 2 eudemons thunder spells on the quickbar, it will not work, that's why the most popular choice, with 2 summons is to use your thunder on the quickbar, then 1 eudemon use lightning, and the other windbeads. With 3 summons, get the other to use thunder.

Well that pretty much ends the guide, I know I could have done it a lot more structured and organized, but I hope it helps all you new
players out there.
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Mages Information and Battle Guide
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