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 The BIG Boss Hunting Guide

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PostSubject: The BIG Boss Hunting Guide   Thu Dec 25, 2008 4:05 pm

The BIG Boss Hunting Guide - Revision 1

OK so, some of you already know how to hunt for loot from bosses so this guide is not for you. This guide is to help those who are not very good at boss hunting, or do not have much luck with the method they choose to try.

The method I am going to explain here is a combination of various sources of information, which after being tried and tested vigorously, seems to work rather well for getting mountains of rare loot. I am not professing that this is the ONLY way of doing it, nor am I suggesting that my method is 100% flawless.

So here we go:

The Hunt

Firstly pick an area to hunt at. This can be "forced" upon you if you only have higer level eudemon pets, as this is a critical part of boss hunting (as I will explain in more detail soon).

Usually the best thing to do is to go to your favourite hunting grounds. I usually go to Icyland as I just like the atmosphere of the area. What you need to do on arrival is simply check out the population of the area... in other words are there LOTS of opther players around? or perhaps hardly any at all? The fewer players the better... this increases your chances of finding and successfully slaying a boss without interruption.

So, you have picked your hunting area? There are not many other players around? GOOD! Lets move on shall we?

Locating the Boss(es)

As you will know, boss creatures have a typical "spawn area" which they will appear at or around, approximately once per hour. If you are not sure about where the particular bosses spawn that you are wanting to hunt, refer to the Monsters section of the Eudemons Website, found at http://www.eudemonsonline.com/guide/monster/monster.shtml

This will give you the approximnate coordinates where you may find boss creatures, though I suggest looking at and around these areas as the bosses do not spawn directly on the coordinates most of the time... they tend to be a screen or two in any direction of the spawn coordinates. After a bit of practice at hunting your favourtie bosses, you will find them more easily.

Will the Boss drop loot?

Here is the assessment of the situation... so you have found a boss in a secluded map area... you are ready for the kill! But wait!

Here are a few things you need to make sure are correct before proceeding.

1. It is critical to make sure you DO NOT ATTACK THE BOSS WITH YOUR CHARACTER! Do not attack it, not even 1 time... this can ruin the whole exercise.

2. You must make sure that you have a eudemon pet in your bag, which is at least 3 levels below that of the boss creature, but no less than half of the boss creatures level.

IE If you are hunting a level 93 orc, (for best result) your pet needs to be between (93/2=46.5 (rounded up) 47) 47 and 90.

3. It also helps to take a longer time to kill the boss, so using some pets with low attack will also help, but it is not always critical.

4. If there are other mobs around, try to lure the boss away to a seculded section of the map. This will help you to keep your "boss killing pet" from dying easily, as well as take you away from any players that might wander past.

If all of these criteria are met, then the boss will drop good piles of loot around 95% of the time according to my testing!

What bosses drop the BEST loot?

OK so you killed your fist boss and it dropped a bundh of yellow stones and some refined junk? Well there is one more thing to know about to get the best loot.

Each kind of boss has at least 3 level breackets... The lowest level bracket being "refined", the second being "unique" and the last being "elite". Some bosses have a fouth level (like the Genasi), and some only have 1 (like Scopions).

You can check which level brackets exist again by checking the monsters section of the EO website http://www.eudemonsonline.com/guide/monster/monster.shtml

So, to get the best loot... you will hunt the highest leveled boss in its bracket. For example the Orcs in Icyland, come in three levels... level 91, 92 and 93. Level 93 orcs will always drop elite items and are the best level for redstones. This does not mean that it will ALWAYS drop items, it just means that if it DOES drop items, they will always be elite.

I find that Redstone will tend to be most common from the highest level boss, but can also be found occasionally from the middle level boss, and very rarely (I've gotten 1 out of 50 attempts) from the loewst level bosses.

The Re-cap

So here we go-

1. Check to make sure nobody else is around (or as little as possible)
2. Lure away boss from spawn areas of other mobs
3. Do not attack boss with your character
4. Use a low attack pet, leveled between (boss level / 2 (rounded up)) and (boss level - 3)



My experience using this method often goes like this-

I go to Icyland, and kill 2 or 3 orc bosses (I try to get the level 93 ones) and then I end up going back to town with an inventory composed of the follwing items in a typical 3 boss hunt:

1-2 redstones
3-6 violet stones
5-8 yellow stones
15-20+ elite items

This is my "typical" haul from using the steps shown above. Good luck Smile

credit to soldjahboy from EO
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The BIG Boss Hunting Guide
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